Thursday, July 27, 2017

Brody: 3 Years Old

I did a bit of a Brody update when he started preschool, but I figured I wouldn't regret doing another one!
-Brody still sucks his thumb when he is sleeping or watching a show on TV. I really just see it pop in his mouth when he is bored. We are going to work on breaking this in the very near future.
-Brody seriously is funny. The way he says things & his timing is fantastic (I wish I had this quality). We were walking in Hilton Head & smelled a nasty smell. We said, "ugh what is that smell?!" & Brody immediately said, "John!!"
-He doesn't mind playing alone. He will read books to himself, play legos, play cars, etc. & really is content playing with his toys & being left alone.
-He is an early riser. He will typically go to bed around 8pm/8:30pm & is up around 6am ready to rock & roll. No caffeine needed for this his mom! :)
-Brody is Mr Stubborn. If he wants something, he wants it NOW & telling him no does not go well.
-Playing on an iPad is like Christmas morning to Brody! Warning: before you take it away, you may want to give him a five minute warning or he will throw a bit of a fit.
-This boy loves his food. There is not much he doesn't like. He says he doesn't like salad, but will eat spinach cooked into a breakfast casserole (unlike his sister)...other than that Brody will usually gobble up his meals without batting an eye.
-He is excited to have his little brother. He always asks, "Can we have the baby now?" He told me the other day that he will teach him how to play baseball. I told him that the baby won't be able to walk at first so he said, "Fine! I will teach him how to play cars first."
-He adores his sister. Anything she does, he loves to do as well. They do fight & she does drive him nuts at times, but when they are getting along it is fantastic!
-He can be SUPER sweet at times. He is a bit of a mama's boy & loves to give hugs & kisses.
Here are a couple pictures of our big three year old:

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