Monday, June 26, 2017

First Week of June

The week after Memorial weekend was a busy one. Not only did Brody start preschool, but we celebrated Kyle's birthday.
 Tuesday fun

 Washing their tractor
 watering the flowers

 We celebrated Brody's 1st week of school with a slushie on Friday!
 They said he was VERY good all week!

 These two have been really into playing on the porch

 Playing chicken
 First jumps off of the board for the summer

 Happy Birthday to this crazy guy!

 Sunday morning shows in bed
 They wanted their picture taken on this bench again.

 Birthday desserts after swimming
We thoroughly enjoyed our first week in June!! Summer is the best!

Brody's 1st Day of Preschool

Brody started preschool on 5/31/17. He was super excited to join his big sister at the big kid school! There was no apprehension from anyone involved & we knew he would love every second of it.
I asked Brody a few questions before his big day:
What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? Catboy (from PJ Masks)
Favorite Color? Blue like Catboy (see a theme here?)
Who Is Your Best Friend? Hadley
Favorite Food? Chicken Nuggets
Favorite Toy? Our Kitchen (I don't know about this answer, but I went with what he said...I would say his cars, Paw Patrol toys, or PJ Masks toys...that would be my guess)
Thing You Are Most Excited To Do At School? Play in the dirt & rocks
Favorite Show? Paw Patrol
Favorite Book? Paw Patrol
Favorite Song? Paw Patrol (it's safe to say Paw Patrol & PJ Masks are favorites for Brody at this stage)
 A few snapshots before the big day
 "Say What?!"

 Big goobers
 Hadley was excited to show him the ropes!

 Brody was excited to see his buddy from Alice's, Maggie.

 After school he was beat! It is tough being a preschooler!
The next morning was rough too. He wanted to go back to bed, but was a rockstar once we got to school!

Baby Zick #3: Gender Reveal Day

On May 29th, we had an exciting day at the Zick house! Not only was it a home day, but we found out if Baby #3 was going to be a boy or a girl!
We started the day with some lounging & then the kids went to MaMaw & PaPaw's while Kyle & I did some work around the house (ie power washing, laundry, cleaning, weeding, etc...really exciting stuff). Grandma & Popo, MaMaw & PaPaw, the Francis fam, & the McCormack fam came over for dinner & the big reveal or "smoke party" as Hadley called it.
 Brody woke up at 6:30am & Hadley slept until 9:00am so Brody got a lot of alone time snuggling.

 Sleepy head with some bed head
 Emily & Tanya made some super yummy cookies
 There's not a picture, but PaPaw ordered an ice cream cake. I needed all of the dessert like I needed a hole in my head!
 Guesses before the reveal...

Here's a link to a video of the reveal:

 Dessert helped
 We had a little talk about how being the only girl is going to be pretty darn cool & she started to see the light!
 Brody was pretty darn excited!! He needs a boy to play with that's around his age...he is always surrounded by girls at our friend gatherings.
 Don't worry will soon have two boys jumping on you.
Worn out!!
We are extremely excited to add another bruiser to the bunch! Brody was all smiles & Hadley really is excited for another baby & especially one that she doesn't have to share her girl stuff with! :) Now we have to figure out a boy name which we are not exactly good at...good thing we have 20 weeks!