Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Beginning October

Oct 2-8 was low-key...you want to know how you can tell? I didn't take very many pictures. We washed Kyle's car, got in a rumble or two at school, ate dinner on the McCormacks' patio, watched Hadley & Nathan battle it out on the soccer field (they ended with a tie), the kids hung out with MaMaw & PaPaw, we had movie night on Saturday, & Kyle built drawers for the kids' beds while I cleaned.
Hadley helped Kyle make dinner on Monday night

It's hard to see, but Hadley got hit at school & got a bloody lip. When I asked why she got hit she said the other girl, "just wanted to hit me & she did."

Friday morning donuts
building drawers
playing house
making a monster at school
 love birds
 Brody insisted that we bring Riley to Hadley's soccer game.

 We ate dinner out on our front porch on Saturday night...the kids' request
Movie & popcorn on Saturday night
Sunday post-church picture
 The beds are complete!!

Driving in our subdivision to the McCormacks' on Sunday night
Next week is baby watch week....

Friday, October 6, 2017

Well Checks

Brody & Hadley had their 3-year well check & 5-year well checks on October 4th. They did great & got the whole work up, plus a flu shot! Brody had some tears & Hadley didn't make a peep for the shot.
Here are their stats:
Brody (3-year well check)
Height: 40.3in
Weight: 37lbs
BMI: 16.1
Height %: Between 90-95%
Weight %: around 85%
Hadley (5-year well check)
Height: 46.6in
Weight: 48lbs
BMI: 15.6
Height %: 100% (aka off of the curve so I'm guessing)
Weight %: 90%
 Proud of herself!
He was still recovering. :)
We are so thankful for these healthy, crazy kids!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The Beginning of Fall

Sept 25-Oct 1 included some hanging at home, a bloody chin for Brody, GG Hillermann's 89th birthday, Hadley scored her first goal, a dinner with friends, & some Halloween decorating.
 This was taken on 9/24 after church. Our kids have an obsession with pictures on this bench.

 Painting on a Monday night
 Painting her bday present from Grandma & Popo

 Hadley wore her soccer uniform on this particular Tuesday. No game or practice....she just wanted to wear it.

 She's a coloring pro

 Rose was dressed for the vball game...in the wrong colors, but she was ready!
 Brody fell off of the playground equipment at school & busted his chin. He was tough!

 Happy Birthday GG! (Brody was showing off his chin)

 38 weeks preggo for GG's bday
 all bandaged up for bed!
 Until he started screaming that it burned so we removed a few bandages

 On Thursday AM, they talked about how cool their dad was! They said he could reach things really high, build a lot of stuff, play elevator, etc.


 He spilled his snack so I made him clean it up.
 He ate a TON of fruit on the way home from the Richardson's on Friday night.
 Waiting for soccer to begin

 Grant & Brody pretended to sleep during the game
 After she scored her goal she was SUPER excited & came over specifically to ask if she could have her $5 now. (I had promised $5 for her first goal)
 Wimpy's for brunch after the game with PaPaw, Brynn & Kellen

 I went for a walk to try to get the baby to arrive...no luck

 We grew since the last friends' dinner!

 Someone was sleepy by 8:30pm from a day of golfing

 We had a lazy Sunday morning & stayed in our PJs until lunchtime.

 Pancakes for b'fast

 The kids helped me pick out mums & pumpkins for the front porch

 I decorated & they played.
We ended the weekend with dinner at MaMaw & PaPaw's, but before we left Brody decided to snuggle with me. Doesn't he look huge?!