Saturday, March 3, 2018

February 5-11, 2018

Feb 5-11 included a sick baby Ethan, a 15K, & the daddy/daughter dance!!
"sneaking" some Monday morning kindle time

Old pictures found during GG's move

Brody slammed his finger in the car door so he got some phone time to make it feel better with a side of ice.
Graham cracker, peanut butter, & chocolate chip concoction

Hadley & I went to Kindergarten registration on 2/6!
Tuesdays are tiring!

This little man came down with a fever along with his cough/cold.
There were lots of snuggles!

Mizzou fight song at dinner

He was doing such a great job not sucking his thumb!!
Ethan tried his first bit of food on Friday, February 9th. We haven't really given him too much since then, but he has tried carrots & bananas.

Daddy/daughter dance! Hadley loves this night!

Brody was thrilled to have a house full of girls.

We did a 15K on 2/10. It was cold & spitting a little bit. We finished, but not in record time due to my knee slowing us down to a snail's pace.
We finished!!
After the 15K it was off to Target to celebrate Brody! He stopped sucking his thumb!!! YAY!!

These two snuggled while we moved GG

Look at that belly
Emily was grossed out by the bananas

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Mid-Winter Week

January 29-February 4 was another quiet week. We made a visit to the Myseum, hung out at home for a game night, & watched the Superbowl aka JT concert. :)
 Puffy eyes & smiles for our Monday morning

 Tuesday snuggles with Vivian
 This was the week that Ethan found his thumb & became obsessed with it.
Now we have two thumb suckers in the house.
 GG & Ethan
 Gus & Hadley

 He fell asleep like this while I was getting ready

 Trying to find a route for our 8-mile run.
 Friday night trip to GG's with a cup of wine & some beers for Steph.
 GG gave this Indian costume to Kyle :)
 Saturday morning snuggles

 Brody tried ginger

 Playing pick up sticks

 On Sunday morning, Brody & I decided he should be done sucking his thumb. He was committed to stopping & if he made it to Friday he could go to Target & pick out a toy. We can't have two thumb suckers in the house.

 Rolling on his side
 We decided we need to label Papaw & Ethan so we could tell them apart. :)

 Bag lady or Jojo Siwa?