Monday, December 11, 2017

Kicking Off the Xmas Season

While Kyle was gone we had a little fun & then he returned home & we had A LOT of fun. We went to the AB lights & saw Santa all in one day! 
 They were excited to see Bookie on Monday morning. Unfortunately, they did not have the best behavior so Bookie returned back to the North Pole for a night on Monday evening until Wednesday AM.

 Riley loves to be close to the babies

 Ethan stayed up from 4:30-7:30pm watching the kids play on this particular night. He loves to watch them.

 This stuff got organized :)

 Hadley claimed her stomach hurt the entire way to swim lessons so I turned around. We got home & 10 minutes later she was off the couch & saying, "I feel fine!" Come to find out she lied so we didn't have to go to swim. Needless to say, she went to bed early.
 Brody & I hung out while his sister was in bed.
 Everyone is hydrating

 Hanging on Uncle John's desk while his mom works out.

 Bookie brought snow globes so they put those together.

 Kyle got in late Thursday night! WOOO WHOO!

 Welcome home!
 On Saturday, all of the kids napped at once & so did Riley :)

 These are all out of order, but waiting for Santa at Hillermann's

 Brody made sure there was a barrier between him & Santa
 AB fun!

 they loved the tunnel

 Gathering up toys to give to Goodwill & Gwen

 Sunday night bath
again, this is out of order, but Kyle used the baby carrier for his beverage at AB on Saturday night :) Priorities!