Monday, July 2, 2018

June 2018: Part 2

The second part of June...
Giant nachos!
Tanya asked us to let her dogs out....while the cats away...the mice will play!
Saturday night tent!
We were sad to see Marsha go to a different church. She baptized each of our kids. We know she will do great things at her new church!
We celebrated Father's Day with church & a mexican feast with some pool time.

He fell asleep at GG Wood's.

She is so brave! No way!
Brody didn't hold the snake, but he did pet a few animals.
Happy little man had a fever the night before, but was fine the next morning. He hung out at home with me before Grandpa's visitation.
We drove down to Tanya's & I let Ethan sit in the big kid car seat. He was so happy about it!
It was like a whole new world!
Looking sharp before Grandpa's funeral. We were so lucky that he got to meet all three of these munchkins & hang out with them on a regular basis.
The Wood cousins

They tried to recreate a picture & it was definitely comical

Sunday morning snuggles
We took this picture before Grandpa's funeral. I am so lucky to have married into this fun, loving family! There's always a lot of talking & laughing when everyone gets together.

Off to the river. Brody picked out these swim trunks so that he could match his "river hat."

Mud girl

Waiting for the tornado warning to blow over...
Then we decided to go hang in the storage room for a couple minutes.

Ethan started officially crawling on June 27th/28th. By Friday, June 29th....he was EVERYWHERE! He was even trying to climb up on things.

The red spot in the middle of his forehead was from falling.

Bruise #1 of many I'm sure.
The run/walk for Friends of Kids with Cancer was SUPER warm. They were tired when we headed home!
They were ready to party by the time we got home!
The Good Mood Dude

A little train at the run/walk
His eyes were super swollen on Saturday night after swimming. Not sure what the deal was!
Fighting bad guys with their weapons.

The first full month of summer was filled with a lot of happy moments & a few sad, but we were busy!