Thursday, July 27, 2017

Brody: 3 Years Old

I did a bit of a Brody update when he started preschool, but I figured I wouldn't regret doing another one!
-Brody still sucks his thumb when he is sleeping or watching a show on TV. I really just see it pop in his mouth when he is bored. We are going to work on breaking this in the very near future.
-Brody seriously is funny. The way he says things & his timing is fantastic (I wish I had this quality). We were walking in Hilton Head & smelled a nasty smell. We said, "ugh what is that smell?!" & Brody immediately said, "John!!"
-He doesn't mind playing alone. He will read books to himself, play legos, play cars, etc. & really is content playing with his toys & being left alone.
-He is an early riser. He will typically go to bed around 8pm/8:30pm & is up around 6am ready to rock & roll. No caffeine needed for this his mom! :)
-Brody is Mr Stubborn. If he wants something, he wants it NOW & telling him no does not go well.
-Playing on an iPad is like Christmas morning to Brody! Warning: before you take it away, you may want to give him a five minute warning or he will throw a bit of a fit.
-This boy loves his food. There is not much he doesn't like. He says he doesn't like salad, but will eat spinach cooked into a breakfast casserole (unlike his sister)...other than that Brody will usually gobble up his meals without batting an eye.
-He is excited to have his little brother. He always asks, "Can we have the baby now?" He told me the other day that he will teach him how to play baseball. I told him that the baby won't be able to walk at first so he said, "Fine! I will teach him how to play cars first."
-He adores his sister. Anything she does, he loves to do as well. They do fight & she does drive him nuts at times, but when they are getting along it is fantastic!
-He can be SUPER sweet at times. He is a bit of a mama's boy & loves to give hugs & kisses.
Here are a couple pictures of our big three year old:

Pregnancy #3: 28 Weeks

 Here are the best 28 week belly pictures that I got.

How far along? 28 Weeks as of 7-20-17
Total weight gain: 12 pounds as of 6/21/17 at my latest appointment (my next appt was 7/26, after the 28 week mark)
 Maternity clothes? Absolutely!
Stretch marks? None.
 Sleep: Not bad! I did wake up early on vacation & would crash at night. I take several potty breaks a night, but no complaints!
Best moment this week: Hilton Head--sunrise walks, days on the beach, deep sea fishing, yummy dinners/ice cream trips, mid-afternoon naps, & time with family were all highlights!
 Miss Anything? I missed an ice cold beverage on vacation, but honestly not as much as I thought I would.
Movement: Yes! Kyle has officially felt it & Emily & Kellen did as well during vacation. I don't remember the other two being so active in the middle of the night, but baby #1 definitely likes to party at like 2am! I hope this isn't a sign of bad sleep habits after delivery. (I just looked back at my recap with Brody & he must have been a mover at night too...funny how I quickly forgot)
Food cravings: Cookies, ice cream, I usually want one source of caffeine a day (green tea or a pink drink from starbucks), & yea anything bad for me!
 Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing
Gender: Boy
Labor Signs: Nope
Symptoms: My sciatic nerve seems to hurt here & there, but on vacation it wasn't as bad...I'm thinking because I wasn't in the car every single day.
Belly Button in or out? Out which is different than with the other two
Wedding rings on or off? On
 Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy! Vacation time is good for any mood.
Looking forward to: Meeting Baby Jones, a wedding in KC, a trip to Chicago for work (that part isn't as exciting) coupled with seeing some friends, & starting to prepare for Baby #3.
Pregnancy Comparison:

Hilton Head: Part 3

Here is the final post from our trip to Hilton Head! We had a great time, but I will say it was a super crowded town. If we ever went back it would be in the off season.
 Last of the morning sunrise walks

 These two loved the waves, they loved the sand, & they loved the lazy life of vacation!

 Friday morning craft
 Beach nap
 Kyle, the kids, & I started this hole before lunch time. Some other boys took it over & made it pretty fancy with a tunnel & all.

 We drove on Saturday, July 22nd. It was a long day, but the kids were overall pretty good until the last hour or two. Eek!
 On Sunday, we got a little exercise to make up for our day in the car on Saturday. 

 He begged to have his toes painted blue. Why not? He's three...I did explain that boys shouldn't paint their nails. but he wanted to be like his sister.
She's pretty cool! I'd want to be like her too!
We had a great time on vacation, but we were glad to get home after that long long drive!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Hilton Head: Part 2

Here are some more highlights of our trip to Hilton Head. July 19th included a deep sea fishing trip for Kyle & I (the kids enjoyed the beach while we were gone) in the morning, some beach time in the afternoon, & an amazing spanish mackerel dinner. July 20th included some golfing for Kyle with John & the kids & I went to the lighthouse & did some "shopping" before lunch out, naps, & a late beach day.

 Our rig for the day
 The ride out to our spot for the day was awesome. We saw "Nick" the dolphin & enjoyed a nice summer morning on the water for about an hour.

 First catch of the day
 Spanish Mackerel
 We caught about six mackerel, but only kept two to eat for dinner.

 This shark was a lot heavier than the mackerel. It just felt solid!

 A brief snack on the front of the boat before heading out to find a shrimp boat. This is where we fished for the bigger sharks.

 Got one!

 They thought this guy was about 50lbs.
 He was feisty in the boat (notice all of the blood)!
 Great morning fishing!

 Balderdash with this guy never gets old.

 Park by the lighthouse

 burying John's feet is entertaining

 Dancing on the beach again